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Florida's Top Youth Volunteers of 2018 Selected By National Program February 6, 2018

Florida Girl Goes to Government to Help Kids Who Struggle to See January, 2018

Everyday Heroes Who Bring Healthcare to Those in Need January, 2018

Weekly Roundup in Florida January, 2018

Legally Blind Girl Raises Awareness, Funds to Provide Resources for Visually Impaired Children December 8, 2017

Paloma Rambana given award by The Caring Institute October 14, 2017

Tallahassee Girl on Big Screen in Times Square February 21, 2017

Rambana Named Hasbro Action Hero February 15, 2017

Girls Who Inspire You to Be More December 7, 2016

“Tallahassee girl lobbying Congress to help blind deaf children" July 12, 2016

“People Magazine” 10-Year-Old Blind Florida Girl Raises Over $1 Million to Help Other Kids Like Her: 'Be Brave, the Result Is Worth It',,20981907_21009726,00.html May 30, 2016


"Local 10-year-old receives Yes I Can Award" May 4, 2016

"Girl Scout Patch for Vision Awareness Begins in Tallahassee"  April 21, 2016

"Girls Can Do Anything!" award recipient from Oasis Center for Girls March 22 ,2016

Finalist for Tallahassee Democrat's Person of the Year 2/7/16

Real Talk with Judy (1/19/16) (Click on "Leading as a Young Girl:  I Speak for the Silent".)!previous-shows/hdjxc 

Tallahassee Talks  (12/12/15 episode) "Advocates for the Less Fortunate"


WTXL  "10 year old Leads March to Raise Awareness for the Visually Impaired" 12/1/15

WCTV "Raising Awareness for Florida's Blind and Visually Impaired Children" 12/1/15

"Young Blind Visionary Raises $1,000,000 and is recognized by Obama" 11/30/15


"Amazing Kid of the Month"   11/1/2015

Huffington Post 10/21/15 "Paloma's Dream"

Captial Outlook 10/14/15 "The Blind Led the Blind"

Speaking at White Cane Day 10/15/15 (27:42)

#WhiteCaneDay Press Conference 10/15/15 Cane Day

Big Green Pen "Celebrating a Girl Hero" 10/08/15

My 10/07/15 letter to the editor for Blindness Awareness Month:

Youth Service America  08/26/15 "Legally Blind 9 Year Old Secures $1 million in Funding" 08/12/15 Paloma is featured as an Everyday Hero for "Doing her Part"
WFSU 07/13/15 "A Nine Year Old Tallahassee Lobbyist Secures $1 Million For Florida's Visually Impaired Kids"

Tallahassee Democrat
07/05/15 "Tallahassee Nine Year Old Secures $1 Million in Funding for Blind"
Tallahassee Talks 06/27/15 "Paloma Rambana, Founder of Paloma's Dream"

Tallahassee Democrat 03/24/15 "Tallahassee 9 Year Old Lobbies for Blind Services"