I received services from DBS from when I was two months old until I started school. I am now fourteen and in ninth grade.  A few years ago I received from DBS a CCTV (which I named Cecile) to help me read and see around my classroom. But when it broke, DBS could not afford to replace it.  (A new CCTV costs about $3,000.00.) I now use a borrowed CCTV from my local Lighthouse but it does not have a periscope to help me see around my class.

My parents pay out of pocket for a private vision teacher (Ms. Jennifer), all my magnifiers, my hand held reader (which I named Lucille) and my school.  The picture here shows some of the things my mom and dad buy for me that other kids out of my age group receive from the State.  

Because 80% of learning occurs through our eyes, devices like my Cecile and Lucille are vital to my academic and social success!  The money we asked for helps kids like me become better students and eventually adults who contribute to our state and nation.  Please support this funding! (See last year's "Budget Request".) 


Florida Governor Rick Scott approved $1,000.000 on June 23, 2015 then approved an additional $250,000 on March 17, 2016 for the Children’s Program (what’s so awesome is that $500,000 will recur every year!)  

But WAIT, there's still more work to do because there are 921 kids in Florida in my age group who still need help.  

Please help me realize my dream and let our legislators know that Florida kids like me need more funding for services and equipment.  You can copy and paste this or write your own! :) Thank you! :)

"I am grateful for the $1,250,000 allotted to the DBS Children's Program but more funds are needed to help the 921 kids  6-13 years old like my friend Paloma Rambana who aren't getting lessons in Braille, travel skills or equipment.   Please support $3 million in recurring funds and eventually $8 million in future funds to fully serve all the kids registered with DBS.  They are worth it!  Thank you!"

Need help finding your legislator?  Click here www.myflorida.com then go to "Find Your Legislator" on the left.  

Don't forget these lawmakers who are on the Appropriations Committee!  

http://www.myfloridahouse.gov/Sections/Committees/committeesdetail.aspx?CommitteeId=2698 Make sure to let them know how important funding my age group is, too! 

You can send my mom an email, too.  Her email is Elizabethmricci@gmail.com.  

My email is FundPalomasDream@gmail.com.