Representatives and Senators! Representatives and Senators! Rep. Ahern Showing him my handheld reader I named Lucille! 205120682 Rep. Baxley Rep. Baxley is awesome. He started Fl's Vision Summit and also has a son who is visually impaired. 205120676 Rep. Caldwell He was very nice to me. 205120681 FAASB Exec. Director Kim Ross and Rep. Costello I showed Ms. Kim some cool stuff on my iPad. 205120685 Sen. Gaetz 205120679 Rep. Hays 205120680 Ms. Taylor Showing "Lucille" to Senator Montford's aide Ms. Taylor. Mr. Montford represents where I live. 205120684 House Speaker Pro Tem Hudson 205120688 Rep. Eagle 205120677 Rep. Rouson 205120678 Rep. Rehwinkle Vasalinda 205120686 Rep. Rodrigues 205120683 Sen. Simmons 205120687 Rep. Ausley 205120689 205120690 205120691 205120692 FSU President Thrasher and Lt. Gov. Kottkamp Opening day of 2016 session. 205120693