Government Awards and Letters! Government Awards and Letters! President's Volunteer Service Award 205120706 205120708 Letter from Barack Obama 205120704 Letter from Senator Hays 205120705 Letter from House of Rep. Williams 205120710 Letter from the Florida Department of Education 205124567 Letter from Governor Rick Scott 205124647 Letter from Congress 205124646 205120707 205124568 Presidential Spirit of Community Award 205120709 Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition 205120714 U.S. Senator Nelson's Office Receiving a Certificate of Congressional Recognition 205120716 Ms. Jennifer at Senator Nelson's Office 205120713 Receiving a Proclomation Here with my dad, sister, Mayor Gillum, and Commissioner Maddox! 205120712 FAER Leadership in Government 1st time given to a child! 205120715 Letter from Senator Rick Scott Paloma holds a congratulatory letter from US Senator Rick Scott (who was the governor who signed off on the legislative appropriation she requested years ago!) 206767454