"Paloma's Dream" by Paloma Rambana and Hillary Ring won 

1st Place in the Youth Author Nonfiction Category by the Dragonfly Book Awards! 


Book Reviews

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"Paloma puts in print life experiences and her special journey, that demonstrates the power of one, no matter how young or challenged. This extraordinary young lady is an inspiration and example for others on how to live and persevere, as well as how one can foster and champion change for those who do not have a voice. Despite her visual impairment, she sees, understands and has the insight, courage and drive from which many can learn. Bene Factum!" 


                                        -Salvatore M. Blandino, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist and Co-Chair of District 6940 Rotary Youth Exchange of Florida

"I have just finished the book and WOW! Thank you so much for allowing me to be one of the first to read it. Can't wait to get a real copy. What a great way to share your life story, which is so full for such a short time! I just love the way your book teaches, not just about your condition and what you have done, but also other teaching points about the meaning of words, places and who certain people are. More importantly, you will help so many who are labeled 'different' and suffer from the bullying and staring and just plain rudeness. You have my utmost respect and I am so proud to know you and your parents. They have done a marvelous job of raising independent young ladies. I have to share one of my favorites from your book- learning about the o in capitol as it related to the dome. I used that al of the time when I was teaching! Congratulations, Paloma!" 


                                        -Lenita Joe, former Library Media Specialist and Teacher of the Year 

"I am thrilled to be holding a copy of Paloma's Dream! Congrats Paloma! It is an incredible, inspirational, and real-life read. I found myself in awe of the powerful contributions you have accomplished through your activism. I must tell, I find your humor and wisdom/perspective quite refreshing :) What a compassionate and powerful way to live this ONE LIFE ("is this all it is?"). Hootie Hoo! I am so very proud of you. Everyone needs a copy of this hot-off-the-press personal recollection of Paloma's life... Can't wait to see what comes next! Girl Power!"  

                                        -Cameron Lewis Barton, 6th Grade Earth/Space Science Teacher 

"Paloma and Elizabeth personally delivered a hot-off-the-press copy to WFSU yesterday, which Paloma graciously signed. May I say this remarkable young lady has produced a highly readable and inspirational narrative! Who says you can't change the world (or at least a significant chunk of it?) Well done!" 

                                        -Tom Flannigan, Program Director for WFSU News 

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It is the true story of how one young girl's passion for the visually impaired, herself being one, helped to close the gap these students faced in our education system here in Florida. Paloma's Dream is written with the personality of Paloma shining through. You can see clearly the challenges she faced, and how she conquered them with courage and humor. Reading this book is like having a conversation with Paloma. She talks about her everyday life and its difficulties in a positive and upbeat way, while making sure that the importance of her mission to help inspire activism isn't missed. This book is an easy read, and as an educator here in South Florida, I would love to share this book with my students, especially since I teach in an elementary school that has a large population of students with disabilities."

                                        -'Huggy413', Amazon.com reviews

"I just finished reading your book, Paloma's Dream. You are one AMAZING young woman! Your "can do" attitude is fantastic. I believe that you were born with that disposition. However, your parents are AMAZING also as they have raised you and your sister, Belen, to be a feisty fighter for your ability to be a successful person no matter what situations came your way. And yet you are tenderhearted to those who need some TLC. Even though some people are mean to you, I KNOW you are a loyal and faithful friend to those who are close to you. You have been blessed to have such wonderful parents who love you, guide you, and support you in all of life's experiences. They have instilled in you a beautiful way to live life- be thankful and to help others. Miss Jennifer was a Godsend in your life to teach you how to navigate in the public arena. She is your biggest cheerleader after your sweet Mom, wonderful Dad! and Nana! What an incredible journey you have had in your life thus far. The opportunities to share the plight of the tweens that are blind or visually impaired has brought you before some very influential people in government. People can't help but be touched by your sweet spirit and passion to help kids in need. No wonder you have won so many awards!!! The Almighty God has BIG plans for your life (See Jeremiah 29:11). I can't wait to hear about more ways you have impacted the world around you! By the way, Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan are my heroes as well. They had such an incredible bond together to show that anything is possible when you work together. THANK YOU for sharing your story in the book, Paloma's Dream. You are such a delightful young lady. It is a pure joy to know you."

                                        -Cheri West, Pisgah United Methodist Church 

"This was an easy read for all. I also believe that this would be an excellent read for school libraries at a minimum. Paloma's Dream is not only inspiring to children, but adults as well. There were several lessons learned in reading this memoir. Paloma recognized and understood that she was blessed to have parents that could afford to purchase her needed visually impaired equipment. She knew that there were so many children who were not as blessed and did something about it to help these children. Hopefully, someone who has bullied others, reads this and realizes how hurtful bullying can be and changes their ways. Or, this read may prevent someone from bullying. It also reiterates to us to always be kind no matter how badly we may be treated. Something, I myself, am guilty of not always being. Great job Paloma!"

                                        -'Dawn Green', Amazon.com reviews 

"Wow! Just finished reading Paloma's Dream. This is a must read for everyone 4th grade and older. I liked it so much I'm trying to get it in the library of my son's school. Paloma became an advocate for the visually impaired in Florida and successfully lobbied the state legislature to help secure $1.25 millions in funds for blind and visually impaired kids in Florida. Paloma reminds us that we can all make a difference in our world. Not only does the book tell Paloma's advocacy story, it weaves in elements of her day to day life and some of her personal struggles with bullying."

                                        -'Kindle Customer', Amazon.com reviews 

"I enjoyed reading this book. The story of a bright young lady and her journey from being diagnosed with a visual impairment to becoming an advocate is heartwarming, inspiring and has humor too. A great book for all ages but definitely recommend for younger kids who could use some inspiration."

                                        -'Tina', Amazon.com reviews 

"A beautiful story of a young woman's life and her pursuing dream! I wish more kids would pursue their dreams like Paloma. Remember her name, I'm sure we will be hearing that name in the news in the future with all these accomplishments! A wonderful story and I would recommend this book to everyone! Keep Pushing Paloma!"

                                       -'William R Guemple', Amazon.com reviews 

"Greatly enjoyed 'Paloma's Dream' from beginning to end! An inspiring story that will touch the hearts of children and adults alike. I highly recommend this book and especially think it would be a wonderful addition to elementary and middle school libraries."

                                        -'Holly', Amazon.com reviews 

"Simply put, this book belongs on the bookshelf in every school, and library. Paloma was born with an eye condition and explains how she navigates through life. She not only cares about her own tribulations, but is a lobbyist for kids who need funding for their visual impairment. She inspires both kids and adults. As a teacher with over 20 years of experience, I highly recommend this book to all!"

                                        -'Emma Makler', Amazon.com reviews 

"I'd heard some great things about this young girl named Paloma, but this book tells the impressive story through her own words. It's an inspiring story of resilience, faith in one's self, and concern for others. I came away from it feeling hopeful that the young generation just might rise to meet tomorrow's challenges. A great read for kids, and for parents too."

                                        -'D. McDowell, Amazon.com reviews